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01 - Dismantling Strategy and Program Development

Estelle Desroches, EDF

02 - Regulation Evolution
Stéphane Deleuil, CEA

03 - Development of New D&Ds' Technologies

Michel Pieraccini, EDF & Jean-Luc Fournié, Framatome

04 - Initial Radiological State Characterization

Danielle Roudil, CEA

05 - Project Feedback Experience

Eric Gouhier, CEA

06 - Material and Radioactive Waste Management

Frédéric Legée, ANDRA

07 - Buildings and Sites Rehabilitation

Grégoire Augé, ONET Technologies

08 - Economic and Financial Aspects of Dismantling Operations

Philippe Derycke, ORANO

09 - Stakeholders Involvements and Public Acceptance

Christian Taillebois, EDF

10 - Digital Contribution to Dismantling Operations

Jean-Christophe Casteigts, EDF & Cyril Moitrier, CEA

11 - Decommissioning of Damaged Nuclear Facilities

Christine Georges, CEA & Frédéric Chambon, ORANO

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